Custom luminaires

Do you need something to solve your special lighting problem? You do not find the corresponding luminaire to your needs? Or you just want a luminaire which nowhere else can be seen? We are here to help! It can be decorative light-tube, starlight canopy or unique functional luminaire.

It also can happen that you already have the luminaire of your dreams and it is working well in the office or at the reception... but the light source used inside can not be bought recently: it has beeen declared by relevant EU directive that the less efficient lamps must be pulled out step by step. This should not cause problem to you! If you say so, we can transform your favorite luminaire to work together even with the latest - solid state (LED) - technology. The luminaire can be a pendant luminaire with fluorescent lamp, downlight with halogen or compact fluorescent lamp or it can also be a crystal chandelier from baroque ages.

There are countless possibilities in lighting. We help to find it out.

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