Renovation of the Benedictine abbey lighting system

Complete renovation of the Benedictine abbey lighting system contributed by the 500LX Lighting Ltd. with leadership of Ferenc Radnóczi. In addition to scaling and self-produced lighting with LED luminaires that satisfy specific needs in an advanced lighting control also received the abbey.

The abbey was founded in 1055 is a Baroque church in the medieval crypt built it. The Benedictine Order was restored in 1990 in the parish  and four years later in the monastery, the monastic community of which is now nine. The church interior renovation started more than twenty years ago.

The reconstruction work of abbey is completed, the state support made it possible. At the first phase, renovation completed with the original baroque style and mastic floor of the church, the new building plinth, benches and the inside covering in the temple. Revamped the lighting and sound technology, as well as the crypt below in the church also received a new brick pavement and lighting. The second phase of the investment will made by the end of this year, the western facade of the church painting, doors and windows are changed in some parts of the monastery, as well as restoring the tomb inscription.

The opening ceremony on 21th of March 2014 feast of St. Benedict was held. Richard Korzenszky provost of Tihany spoke at the event to Tihany  symbolizes the Hungarians. Very much Hungarian and a foreigner visit onto the site declared the historical memorial place, and it is important, what is seen here and how - the provost said it. Expressing his spacial thanks to the constructors, for who "this work was their love affair". Emphasized it, value keeping happens in the abbey, but the value is created in parallel with this.

News source : MTI Photo: MTI

Annual of Lighting 2012-2013

The Annual of Lighting's ninth book appeared by Lighting Society of Hungary not so long time ago. It gives an overview of connections: light and fauna, lighting and human. Beyond of this it gives information regarding to the life of the Society. It differs from previous ones becuase the articles inside are about the effects of lighting not about the tools and solutions.

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